From Secret Agent to Under-the-Sea Adventures: Fun Special Experiences in Epcot

Epcot is my favorite park because there are so many things to explore! The list below compiles only a few of my favorite special experiences in Epcot.

1. Turtle Talk with Crush, located in The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion, is a wonderful interactive experience for young children. As an adult, I marvel over the technology needed to make this attraction possible! Young children are invited to sit on a special patch of carpet in the front of the room while benches are available for older visitors to watch. There is a large screen in the front of the room, depicting an underwater scene. Crush, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo, appears onscreen and begins to interact with the kids. Crush is able to answer specific questions from the children and even makes jokes about things that are happening in the room! This attraction is both a novelty experience for children and a technological masterpiece!
2. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is the nighttime fireworks show located in the center of the lake. To see more about this experience, see the previous post “Nighttime Shows!”
3. Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is a wonderful, interactive experience for kids and adults alike! To become a secret agent, just find one of many stands located throughout the park. The assistants at these stations will scan your park ticket and give you a ‘Kimmunicator” (a cellphone-like device) which will guide you through your mission. There are several different missions located in different countries. I, personally, have completed the mission in China, England, and France. Following the instructions given, you search through the given country to find specific objects or locations within the showcase. Once you have completed your task, point the Kimmunicator at the object and press the button. Something spectacular will happen! Sometimes hidden screens appear or special objects are dispensed, and sometimes the exhibits even move or make noise! Once you have completed all of your tasks, you are sent to the final mission in which the villain is caught. This mission usually has the most dramatic event occur when you activate the location. You can end your mission at any time or, if you need help, hints are available on the Kimmunicator! This is great for children ages 6 – 12 and, of course, for the young at heart!
4. British Revolution is a great rock group located near the maze in the United Kingdom Pavilion. They are a very talented band that plays classic rock music. This is a fun show to see when need a break from walking around. Kids love this! Whenever I see them perform, there are always kids dancing and singing excitedly in front of the stage.    
5. Club Cool, located in Future World, is one of the best secrets of the park. Inside this Coca-Cola store, there are several soda dispensers with eight different sodas. These sodas are all from different countries, including Mozambique, Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Germany, and Italy. The watermelon soda from China is delicious, but beware of the non-alcoholic beer from Italy. This soda is all free, so I like to come here in the middle of the day to hydrate instead of spending money on an overpriced soda elsewhere in the park.

6. Miyuki is one of the few people trained in traditional candy sculpting in the world! She does shows several times a day in Japan. Watching her work is incredible! She starts with a soft ball of taffy like candy and slowly adds colors and molds the candy until it looks exactly like a type of animal! She takes requests from audience members so be prepared to shout out your favorite animal.


7. Voices of Liberty is a world-renowned a cappella group that performs in the American Pavilion. They have performed in many prestigious places, including the White House! This is a great option for the adults. They are truly amazing!


8. The fountain show in Future World is an often overlooked feature of the park. The fountain ‘dances’ to majestic tunes, creating a spectacle of water and sound. Bonus! When it’s hot outside, there will be a refreshing spray of water around the fountain. While many children will be bored by this, this is a great option for adults. The show begins at seemingly random times, so I never specifically plan to stop, but if the show begins as I am passing the fountain, I take it as I sign that I should rest my legs!

I hoped these tips helped! Let me know if you have more questions! Have a magical day! ❤ Jessica


One thought on “From Secret Agent to Under-the-Sea Adventures: Fun Special Experiences in Epcot

  1. Beverly, the Italian Coca-Cola beverage you described, is one of the longest-running pranks amongst knowing Coke fans. It’s actually not a beer per se, but more like tonic water, and is sold as a non-alcoholic apertif. Fun fact: It’ll glow under UV light due to the quinine in it.

    I haven’t been to EPCOT since the late 1990’s, and I’m sure it’s completely different now. I’ll have to check out these new experiences when next I visit!

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