Go Green! Finding Healthy, Vegetarian Food in Disney World

As I have been a vegetarian for 8 years, whenever I visit an area which I am unfamiliar with I have trouble finding great places that offer vegetarian friendly cuisine! While many places in Disney do offer a wide variety of options, there are several places which do not offer anything except meat. When I am tired and hungry, I do not want to wander around trying to find a place that sells something other than turkey legs! I hope this post helps the few vegetarian Disney fans who need help finding food!

These restaurants either have no or limited options for vegetarians: Casey’s Corner (MK), Golden Oak Outpost (MK), The Lunching Pad (MK), Electric Umbrella Restaurant (Epcot), Sommerfest (Epcot), Liberty Inn (Epcot), Backlot Express (HS), Starring Rolls Café (HS), Fairfax Fare (HS), Flame Tree Barbeque (AK), Restaurantosaurus (AK), Tamu Tamu Refreshments – Harambe (AK), Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café (AK), Pollo Capero (DD), Fresh A-Peel (DD)

MK = Magic Kingdom, HS = Hollywood Studios, AK = Animal Kingdom, DD = Downtown Disney


1. La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion (Epcot) offers delicious cheese empanadas with guacamole, corn tortilla chips, and salsa verde. This delectable option is filled with carbs and protein to give you extra energy to explore the park!

2. Tony’s Town Square in the Magic Kingdom offers a great variety of salads and meatless pasta dishes.

3.Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco (Epcot) offers delicious vegetarian dishes including cous cous with seven vegetables and Moroccan jasmina salad!

4. The 50’s Prime Time Café has a delicious caesar salad option that is on the larger side to keep you full until your next meal! You also have the option to top this with salmon for extra protein. Also, they offer multigrain spaghetti with vegetarian meatballs.

Many of the menus for Disney restaurants can be found on the official Walt Disney World website: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/

Of course, these are just a few of the great variety of options that are available to vegetarians in the Disney Parks. Let me know if you have any favorite vegetarian spots or have any questions! Have a magical day! ❤ Jessica


2 thoughts on “Go Green! Finding Healthy, Vegetarian Food in Disney World

  1. Nice post! One great vegetarian option to mention is the Columbia Harbor House in Magic Kingdom. Their Lighthouse sandwich is yummy broccoli slaw and hummus on whole grain bread, and their vegetarian chili is also really good, with chunks of veggies and mushrooms. Mmmmm….

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