Mickey Waffles: Magical Cuisine

Mickey waffles are one of my favorite foods offered in Disney World. They can be purchased at all of the Disney Resorts and at most restaurants in the parks that serve breakfast. They come with either bacon or strawberry preserves, but I usually forgo both for extra syrup and butter! Mickey waffles are both a great start to a day in the parks and a way to bring the magic of Disney into your home!


Whenever I miss Disney World, nothing cheers me up like making a batch of Mickey waffles! Michaela and I own a Disney character waffle iron which makes six mini waffles in the shapes of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. We make them several times a week! They’re delicious!

What do you do to bring Disney magic into your home? Have a magical day! ❀ Jessica

15 thoughts on “Mickey Waffles: Magical Cuisine

  1. I LOVE the Mickey Mouse waffles. I’d have them every morning for breakfast when we stayed at the Port Orleans Resort. Guess I’ll have to get a waffle iron of my own! :o)

  2. We’ve had at Mickey Mouse waffle iron since before I was born, so probably twenty years now? They’re about three times the size of WDW waffles, but still a great eat. Ears first though

  3. Sadly, my Mickey waffle maker was lost in our most recent move……great saddness. I will share with you that our Christmas tree is decorated with a Mickey ball from eachof our visits….around 27 now. We began collecting them shortly after our son was born. One visit my husband selects an ornament, then next visit is my turn. Eah box is labelled with the date and reason for the visit, where we stayed and sch details. Thanks for liking my Disney Archives post!

  4. The waffles at Paul Revere’s Waffles in the Magic Kingdom Park were one of the highlights of my trip to Disney World. So good. I haven’t found anything at Disneyland that quite touches them yet.

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