Modern Cinderella

Modern Cinderella
I love this beautiful, one shoulder dress! The draping in the skirt reminds me of the two swaths of fabric found on the hips of Cinderella’s costume. The silver and pearl accessories add a touch of elegance, perfect for the formal look. Also, I thought that these pumps look a little like Cinderella’s glass slippers!
Modern Cinderella
This Cinderella inspired outfit was based on the pre-fairy godmother outfit that Cinderella wore while doing chores. This timeless dress feels like something Cinderella would wear. The delicate, floral headband also is reminiscent of Cinderella’s beautiful, ladylike demeanor and style. Let me know which ones of these looks you like best in the comments below! Have a magical day! ā¤ Jessica

8 thoughts on “Modern Cinderella

  1. These images would be great on Pinterest. I don’t know if you have any boards on there, but you would definitely get a lot of shares on it. You have some great posts!

  2. Modern Cinderella! I love that outfit! What a good idea:) Thanks for checking out my blog (I see you love Disney as much as I do) Keep posted as I am reading Walt Disney’s Biography at the moment and I’m loving it so far. Thanks again Lifelibertyandthepersuitofdisney xx

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