Living the Magic: Reasons to Stay in Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Staying in a magical resort helps maintain the sense that you are living in the happy ‘Disney bubble’ and are isolated from the stressful, outside world. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to stay in a Disney World Resort hotel:

  • When you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, you can attend the park during exclusive Extra Magic Hours, which are hours before or after the park opens/closes for regular visitors. The lines will be much shorter and you will not have to push through bustling crowds. This is a great advantage that allows you to make the most of your Walt Disney World vacation!
  • Transportation to and from parks is available when staying at a Disney hotel. There will be several bus stops outside the lobby of the hotel and buses will arrive approximately every 20 minutes to take you to your desired location.
  • Transportation to and from airport is also provided. When booking your vacation, you only need to provide your flight information and the Disney staff will send a bus to pick you up and take you directly to your hotel. Also, they will handle your luggage and place it in your hotel room. It is completely hassle free!
  • If you are shopping while in the parks and you do not want to carry your purchases with you for the rest of the day, you can have your purchases sent to your room. This is very convenient! All you have to do is fill out a short form that the cashier will give you, and they will take care of the rest! However, make sure that you allow at least a full day for the items to arrive. Do not have this done on your last day in the park, otherwise you may not receive your purchases in time.
  • When you stay in a Disney hotel, especially when you have children, the maids will arrange your belongings in fun arrangements, which will delight children and adults alike! When I was a child, I bought a husky stuffed animal in Canada, and the maid arranged it so it was posing with toothbrushes like light sabers! Your towels will also be shaped in the profile of Mickey Mouse, and, during the holidays, festive towel decorations will be placed in your window!


  • In general, the scenery, food options, and recreation options are wonderful Some of the best restaurants in the park are located in the resorts. The Grand Floridian is home to Victoria and Albert’s, an AAA 5 Diamond Rated restaurant, and the Beach Club Resort offers an ice cream dish so big that it fills a real kitchen sink! All of the resorts have themes, including movies, the beach, and rustic wilderness. All value resorts have a pool, arcade, and gift shop. Other resorts offer bike and boat rentals, hiking trails, movie night events, dinner shows, spas, fitness centers, fishing trips, and many more fun options, depending on the resort.
  • All of the hotels have been certified to be environmentally friendly, so you are supporting an organization that helps save the environment!
  • While the deluxe hotels can be extremely pricey, you can stay in a Value Resort for a very price competitive cost! Depending on the season and type of room, value resorts cost between $85 and $140 a night for a room that sleeps four.

I hope that these tips helped! Feel free to share your personal experiences staying in Disney hotels! Keep checking the blog for posts outlining the specific resorts. Have a magical day! ❤ Jessica

Navigating Walt Disney World: Crash Course for Beginners

For the milestone first blog post, I thought that it would be beneficial to provide a quick overview of how to navigate Walt Disney World efficiently. These tips will make your experience more enjoyable and can save you hours of wait time!

1. If possible, you should always stay in a Disney World Resort hotel. Not only are the themes of each resort fun and kid-friendly, but the prices are reasonable and resorts are conveniently located to the four main sections of the park. If you stay at a Disney Resort, you are able to attend the parks during “Extra Magic Hours.” In these special times, always before the park opens or after the parks closes for regular visitors, only the residents of the Disney Hotels are allowed in the park. This eliminates the overwhelming crowds and allows you to enjoy the park sans unbearable wait times.

2. Always purchase the Park Hopper option when buying your tickets. This allows you to ‘hop’ between all of the parks throughout the day. Although it is a slightly more expensive than the standard ticket, this option is worth the cost as it allows you and your family to use your time more effectively. For example, you can go to Epcot early in the morning to ride Soarin’, take a bus to the Magic Kingdom to eat lunch and ride Space Mountain, and then go to Hollywood Studios to eat dinner and catch the Fantasmic! Show.

3. Use your fast passes! Fast passes can be obtained at most of the popular rides such as Soarin’, Toy Story Mania, and Space Mountain. To get a fast pass, go the the ticket booths (usually close to the entrance of the ride), and insert your ticket in the slot. The machine will return your ticket along with a slip of paper with a specific time period. That time period is the time that you can return to the ride and wait in the shorter “fast pass” line. If you use this feature regularly throughout your trip, you can save hours of wait time! Do not attempt to use the fast pass before or after the allotted time. Disney is very particular about schedules and will not allow fast passes to be used either one minute before they are activated or after the slot has closed. 

4. Always catch the parades at least once as they are spectacular events, but if you have already seen the particular parade or simply do not enjoy parades, use the time that most people are occupied with the parade to ride popular rides with limited wait times. However, make sure you position yourself near the ride before the parade because otherwise you could end up stuck following the parade or unable to push through the crowds waiting to see it.

5.  If you have a smart phone, download one of the many Disney World applications. These applications allow you to check wait times, make restaurant reservations, and even play fun trivia games if you are bored in line. I have found it very convenient to make reservations at my favorite restaurants using these applications as it takes only minutes. Be sure to make your reservation early in the day, or even more in advance if you are visiting during busy seasons.

I hope these tips help you make the most of your Disney World experience! There are more tips coming up! Have a magical day! ❤ Jessica